Corporate Walk

A Corporate Walk

Corporate Walk
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I started my first real job yesterday at an internet start-up, and I am already amazed at how awkwardly I fit into corporate culture. Although the business I work in could barely be construed as corporate – there was a total of two other people in my temporary office with me today – I do work now officially in a corporate park.

Being in an isolated corporate structure – and I do mean isolated, there is nothing else around here within walking distance – I expected to be surrounded either by people from Office Space or Haiku Tunnel. So, when it came time for me to have my lunch, I decided I wanted to get away from my desk and eat outside; it is just so beautiful outside.

As I ate my leftover pad thai underneath a gigantic statue of nothingness at the lone park bench at the corporate center, I decided it would be a waste of both the date and my lunch break to go immediately back inside. So, I settled on strolling around the massive parking lot surrounding the complex. A walk in any other location would be as sweet, right?

During my first lap around the park, I felt incredibly isolated and out of place. What other corporate person walks around a car-park during their lunch break in a desperate bid to be outdoors? Well, as it turns out, plenty do.

Towards the end of my first lap I saw a man and woman, maybe each separated by 100 feet, power walking towards me. Maybe they’re just walking into the office, I pondered; however, as they slowly caught up on me and lapped me, I realized that they too were doing exactly as I was. They too were trying to desperately grab what small part of they day they could to fully experience, and not be dumbly placated by the flickering of their computer screens.

I could tell they were even as anxious as I was to be outside, judging from their awkward hand arm pumpings and uncomfortable gaits, most likely earned from a lifetime of power-walking in business shoes and sitting at corporate cubicles.

I thought I was unique at first, daring to go for a walk during my small lunch break around the parking lot. Turned out I had accidentally stumbled upon a fairly common lunch-time culture. I guess it’s just like the rest of corporate life – difficult to be unique.

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  1. “…not be dumbly placated by the flickering of their computer screens.” What a great line! And I wonder, too, if your desire for a lunch time walk, away from the office and breathing in fresh air, is hereditary. Good for you, though! Keep up the little (or not so little) trots. Sometimes the immediate environment is drab and uninspiring, but it’s the motion and the fresh air which are beneficial. And it gives your mind time to think refreshing new thoughts, so that you might not even need to think about the appearance and drabness of the car park.

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