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BendedBrains is the product of Jeremy Bender – a Rutgers Alumni with too much time on his hands and too many thoughts in his head. He has been a contributor to MTV Voices and, with few concrete future plans, hopes to be a freelance writer. As of now he’s teaching English in Turkey through the Fulbright Program – that’s why the majority of the posts are focusing on Turkey.

Yeni Camii
Jeremy Bender is also such things as a shower singer, a living room dancer, and sometimes a kitchen cooker. Despite all this whimsy and wonder, he still has big dreams of camel ranching in Central Asia or writing a series of award winning novels (about camels?). When not daydreaming or working, you can most likely find Jeremy debating things that have absolutely no practical value with his friends or furiously trying to improve his broken Turkish.

This blog will hopefully detail thoughts that are interesting and humorous, as well as serial stories, badly drawn pictures of unicorns, tales of humorous chance encounters, and music and movie reviews. For everyone asking, this blog has no central focus – except the focus of the randomness of what flows through my head and my adventures in, and around, the land of the Turks.

You can always also follow me on Twitter @IodinePurple.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Just remember, I never said it would be worthwhile.

Penny for your thoughts

I never said this was worthwhile

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