Miike Snow

Am I Free or am I Tied Up?


Miike Snow

Lately I’ve been listening to Miike Snow, a fantastic Swedish idie pop group, on almost constant repeat. Their fantastic blending of deep lyrics, beautiful vocals, and upbeat production never ceases to mesmerize me. I feel as if the lyrics to their single, Animal, perfectly encapsulates my week too… somehow.


4 thoughts on “Am I Free or am I Tied Up?”

    1. Definitely! If you like it, I recommend the whole album “Miike Snow.” It’s all in the same general vein, and just as good!

  1. I’ve always pronounced it as the name Mike, but do you have any idea if that’s the correct pronunciation of “Miike”?

    Also, great song. I think “Cult Logic” is my favorite of theirs…but “Silvia” is tough to beat.

    1. I’ve always just assumed it was pronounced Mike as well, but who knows. “Cult Logic” and “Silvia” are also both fantastic. I think if I really had to pick a favorite, though, I would go with “A Horse is not a Home.” There’s just something about it…

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