Budur by Atiye


Today’s Friday Refrain brings us “Budur” (It’s This) by Atiye. I honestly have no idea how to feel about this song and it’s weird 80’s type feeling. I’m going to air on the side of caution though and say I love it. For those interested, the lyrics roughly mean this:

You are like the story of 1,001 Nights
You have games inside games
Come, love isn’t a matter of state
Come, love isn’t a matter of state
People constantly forget everything
It sears your heart with a fiery dagger
Your life is like the final butterfly
One day it will end in the blink of an eye
Love understands your heart’s value
Is this it? This is it
The heart commands everything in you
Come, take your oaths, what’s it to me?
It’s love
Is this it? Without having touched
Love pleads
Who cares if it’s unrequited love?
It’s love
Is this it? This is it! Is this it?
Come come come come
Actually, having spent a considerable amount of time translating this – it was much harder than I expected – I can now say I have a new appreciation for this song. If you are curious, the Turkish lyrics are:

Binbir gece masalı gibisin
Oyunun içinde oyunların var
Gel memleket meselesi değil aşk
Gel memleket meselesi değil aşk
İnsan unutur her şeyi her an
Kor hançeri yüreğini dağlar
Ömrün sonu kelebek gibidir
Göz açıncaya bitecek bir gün
Aşk kalbinin değerini anlar
Bu mudur? Budur
Yürek her şeyi sana buyurur
Yut gel yeminlerini bana ne
Aşk mesele
Bu mudur dokunmadan
Aşk lütfen duyurur
Kalp kalbe karşı değil kime ne
Aşk mesele
Bu mudur? Budur! Bu mudur?
Gel gel gel gel

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