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Machine Men


Instead of music today, this Friday Refrain is instead a refrain from all the talks of war – with Iran, Syria, Russia, etc – and religious based politics that seemed to define the RNC. It seems cosmically ironic that Charlie Chaplin made one of the greatest political speeches I’ve ever heard. Just remember, don’t follow the machine men with their machine hearts.

Wolf Am I! (And Shadow)


Tonight I’m finally seeing one of my favorite bands, mewithoutyou, live in NYC. So, to honor that, here is one of my favorite songs by them – Wolf Am I! (And Shadow).

mewithoutyou never ceases to amaze me with their amazingly complex lyrics. Generally blending a mixture of Biblical themes and stories, Sufi philosophy, and a sense of isolation, the songs strike me more as poetry set to music than simply lyrics – which makes sense, given how the band lists Rumi as a major influence upon themselves.

Organ Donor


I was originally just going to post “Organ Donor” by Jeremy Messersmith as my Friday Refrain. I love everything about this song – it’s simple light sound, beautiful music video, and dark subject matter. Although, whenever I think of the phrase ‘organ donor,’ I always also end up thinking of the DJ Shadow song by the same name.

So, I obviously have to share both of these great songs with you. You’re so luck! A Friday Refrain double hitter. Enjoy!

Christmas in July


I’ll admit, I’m a little late for a Christmas in July themed post… just like how this post is a little late to be included in the Friday Refrain.

Well, here it is anyway! Continuing the theme of stranger music you might not have necessarily heard otherwsie, I hope you love this gritty reboot of Santa Claus.

Am I Free or am I Tied Up?


Miike Snow

Lately I’ve been listening to Miike Snow, a fantastic Swedish idie pop group, on almost constant repeat. Their fantastic blending of deep lyrics, beautiful vocals, and upbeat production never ceases to mesmerize me. I feel as if the lyrics to their single, Animal, perfectly encapsulates my week too… somehow.


Funk Blaster


Funk Blaster

The idea of Friday Refrain is to quickly post a new song, encapsulating something interesting and different in brief. I shamelessly borrowed this idea from Poetic Parfait, and her great Tuesday Tunes.

So, without further ado, I introduce Funk Blaster, by Koan Sound! This EP is an amazing mix of funk, dubstep, and electronica without any one genre being too strong. While listening to it in my room, my mom walked in – who usually hates heavy music – and she started dancing along to it. It’s just that… interesting.

Check it out!