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Entering the Holy Land


Today I will start my adventure in the Holy Land. I’ll be visiting my great friend Mike – whose also a fantastic blogger that you should check out here – in Tel Aviv, where has has also been teaching English since September. Although the plans for our trip are still a bit up in the air, he has to work unfortunately while I’ll be visiting, I think the Bahai Temple in Haifa and Jerusalem look in the cards for us. 

Meaning, of course, stay tuned for some (hopefully) sweet adventure posts and pictures from when I get back.

Welcome To Germany


Today I’m kicking off close to three weeks of traveling to mark the end of my first term teaching English in Malatya, Turkey. For my first stop, I’m heading to Munich to meet up with my mom – from there we will travel to the Black Forest region together and explore Southern Germany for around a week. After this, she’ll head back to America and I’ll continue on my travels… Expect awesome blog posts when I get back at the end of January!

Anyway, since I will be in Germany for the week I felt it only appropriate to post some German music as my Friday refrain. Unfortunately, the only German music I know is Rammstein (and Falco, but I’ll spare you that), from back when they hit it big on MTV in the late 90s – enjoy!

Under Pressure


Between falling way behind on my lesson planning and scrambling to catch up, fighting off a bad cold, and – oh God, I was supposed to do this – figuring out what I’m doing with myself once this academic year ends, I think Under Pressure accurately sums up this week. Also, Jen is coming to visit in 2 weeks! I guess that’s giving love another chance? Or something… I need to go to bed.

Also, congrats to my brother and his girlfriend for having a healthy 8 pound baby, little Nicholas! Yay! 

Ah Be Kardeşim


I absolutely love this song; I can’t stop listening to it, which is great since having Turkish stuck in my head is only beneficial. There’s something too about the interplay of Yalın’s lyrics and the sound of his voice with the horns that is just perfection. It reminds me, at least in content, also of some old Bloc Party tunes as it mournfully asks “Oh, my brother, what ideas came into your head?”

It’s Thanksgiving! (Belated)


I apologize for a delayed Friday Refrain, but this weekend I was busy traveling down to Gaziantep (finally!) with Daniel for my first ever expat Thanksgiving. Although I did not manage to see much of Antep at all, seeing a number of my fellow Fulbrighters after so long was truly a blast.

Pictures and stories to follow! In the meantime, enjoy the Thanksgiving hit of my generation!

Dream Too Much


My girlfriend was the first person to really get me into Miike Snow (who has also been featured before on a Friday Refrain), so it really is only fitting that she was also the one to show me this remix. When I first saw it, though, my only emotion was thinking about how funny it is that the DJ who remixed it is Turkish – at least judging by his name, he is Turkish.

Listening to this song again now, it also makes me realize that I dream too much. Specifically, I’ve noticed I have a bad habit of starting to daydream and let my thoughts wander in the middle of conversations…

A Map on My Wall


Sorry for the lack of updates, recently. Everything has been hectic in Turkey between planning classes, teaching, traveling, and making future plans.

These future plans do include a lot of travel – so, it is only fitting to have “Maps” by The Front Bottoms be the song of the week. Yay!

Down The Road


Friday Refrain is coming a little late this week. I just got home from my weekend trip to Şanlıurfa, and boy do I have some stories to tell! So, prepare yourself for super entertaining posts for the next week, before it all goes back downhill.

After class on Thursday, one of my students showed me this song and I thought it was amazing – not only do I love trip-hop style music, but it also perfectly captures how exhausted I am after the long road to Urfa and back.