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Olmasa Da Olur


Ever since I told one of my students that I really enjoyed Ah Be Kardeşim by Yalın, she insists on playing his new single – Olmasa Da Olur – during every break time; not that I really mind. The song is catchy enough and works as good background music, along it doesn’t have the same oomph that Ah Be Kardeşim had. One of the best things about the song is definitely the music video – the views of Istanbul it gives, along with the Rumeli Hisar, the old fortress along the Bosphorous, is wonderful. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song. As always, here is a working translation: Continue reading Olmasa Da Olur

A Weekend in Malatya


With my hopes of going to Antep and Urfa for this weekend crushed, I instead prepared myself for a relaxing solo-weekend around Malatya. I had grand plans of going to the hamam (a Turkish bath), hanging out at Nostalji – a renovated wooden Ottoman house that’s now a cafe – and meeting up with Mehmet for narghile. Unfortunately for Danielle, she also ended up catching a stomach bug so she and Fabio were happy to join in on my plans for a recuperative Saturday in Malatya.

Kanal Boyu
One of the main streets in Malatya

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Where Productivity Dies


Where Productivity DiesIt was late and I had been tossing around in bed fighting for sleep for almost an hour when the idea hit. It was a simple short story idea, but I liked it and grasped onto it with both hands. I felt myself working through every detail and contour of it, knowing exactly how the one real character would act, what he would do, how it would end. I was enthralled, and amazingly hopeful – I haven’t finished a short story in over a year. “I’ll write it all tomorrow,” I promised myself as I finally found sleep.

That was over a week ago. I still haven’t written a single word for that story. Sure, I’m still kicking it around – I’ve even written an outline for it, something I have never done before – but I just can’t bring myself to start. I’m scared for this story, for the character – I fear that it might all end up in the graveyard of ideas. It is already slowly passing into the area where productivity dies.

Sure, I have some legitimate reasons why this story hasn’t been started yet: I helped a friend move, I’m working on this blog, I was busy stressing trying to figure out my nine-month travel plans for when I head to Turkey in less than a month. Still, I’m sure I could find a way to at least start a story; maybe not. I am not entirely sure what the purpose of this post is.

At the very least, maybe I can hope it will galvanize me to at least start. A start is better than nothing. With a start, even if the story is never completed, I have something to eventually go back to. Who knows, if I actually write and finish this story, my creativity might just receive the resuscitation necessary to pull a Frankenstein in that graveyard of ideas. Already I have some ghosts of idea past starting to flit through my mind.

Guess it’s about time to address them, huh?