Christmas in July


I’ll admit, I’m a little late for a Christmas in July themed post… just like how this post is a little late to be included in the Friday Refrain.

Well, here it is anyway! Continuing the theme of stranger music you might not have necessarily heard otherwsie, I hope you love this gritty reboot of Santa Claus.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in July”

  1. Are you a Workaholic fan? They have something similar called Half Xmas. Just another excuse to celebrate xmas. LOL

    What’s up with dubstep? It just makes everything instantly cooler and dangerous. Love it!

    1. Mhmm, I do love Workaholics, but I missed that one I guess – I’ll have to go find it!
      But yeah, I have no idea how dubstep makes sense…maybe it doesn’t, haha. It just gives everything that balls out awesome vibe, though.

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