Dream Too Much


My girlfriend was the first person to really get me into Miike Snow (who has also been featured before on a Friday Refrain), so it really is only fitting that she was also the one to show me this remix. When I first saw it, though, my only emotion was thinking about how funny it is that the DJ who remixed it is Turkish – at least judging by his name, he is Turkish.

Listening to this song again now, it also makes me realize that I dream too much. Specifically, I’ve noticed I have a bad habit of starting to daydream and let my thoughts wander in the middle of conversations…

5 thoughts on “Dream Too Much”

  1. OMG, I LOVE Miike Snow. His songs does have a certain affect on me too. Yes, his latest song, Pretender, OMG, so awesome. Almost love making awesome. I just love it.

    Awesome sauce, I tell ya!

    1. I did not expect to get such a strong reaction based on this song – glad you loved it, though! Hopefully the next Friday Refrain will be just as good. Miike Snow really is amazing, though…

  2. Good song! Actually, I found Deniz Koyu almost a year ago, loved his music, and was incredibly curious where he was from….but not enough to look into it.

    In the end, it all paid off handsomely, as I now know and haven’t had to do any research or put in any effort! Muahahahahahahah!

    You should check out “Lose Control”, “Grunge”, and “Open Your Strobe”, which is a really cool mashup of Deadmau5 and Michael Woods.

    1. Don’t you just love when you learn everything you want naturally? He’s actually a German-Turk, I believe, but still Turkish nonetheless.

      I’ll definitely make sure to look into those other tracks, though! A deadmau5 remix sounds intense. Thanks, Mike!

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