Dressed for the Moment


I was walking through New Brunswick last night with a good friend after having attended a Seniors’ Formal Night and, as such, we were both dressed in our best – suit and tie and swanky dress. As a general rule of thumb, no one ever dresses that nice here unless there is a specific reason: a formal, a career fair, an award ceremony, etc.

It was interesting, as such, to realize that the majority of people we passed on the street could at least vaguely figure out what we were up to. Then, it struck me. Like most cities, New Brunswick has a diverse crowd of people, all of whom have their own tastes in fashion; it’s not at all uncommon to see very differently dressed people right next to each other.

How New Brunswick differs from, say, New York is that the streets are rarely thronged with people so you really have time to fully be aware of what each person is wearing. Since the Brunz only also really has only so many locations to go to at night, it’s easy to get a pretty decent idea of where people are heading depending on how they’re dressed.

If, for instance, you see a guy dressed as a hipster, more likely than not he is going to one of the smaller, less crowded, bars. Likewise, if you see a girl dressed for clubbing she is likely going to Golden Rail or Knight Club. Anyone dressed normally and walking around at night is probably grabbing some pizza or going to a house party (since no one walks around New Brunswick just for the thrill of walking).

This really isn’t anything new, being able to slightly determine what people are doing based on how they’re dressed; nor is it anywhere close to 100% accurate. I just thought it was interesting how you can guess at what people are doing, and where that’s happening, by how they present themselves to society.


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