Instagram My Life

Instagram My Life!


Our live are all recorded online – essentially fully, to the smallest detail. Although a lot of this might be done against our will – or without our knowledge, such as the vast databases Google and Facebook have on us all – most of our online presence is just posted. It’s funny how my generation moans of our loss of privacy, and then turns around and Instagrams a picture or sends a Facebook update.

Instagram My Life
It’s a little upsetting how this is the best photo I’ve ever Instagramed…

Not that I’m any better, or my friends are any different. I just opened my Instagram app on my phone to find out that my friend, whose moving to LA, has now successfully made it to the Texan desert. I barely use Instagram, and even though I don’t participate in the “Instagram my life!” school of thought, someone could tell a lot about me from the pictures I’ve taken.

This idea of documenting your entire life online is a little creepy (if not also beautiful); however, it also enabled Lucas Otero to make that stunning movie of an entire life cycle as documented through Instagram – overuse of color filters obviously included. Now I’m just a little offended he didn’t source any of the photos I took of my time in Turkey.

If you so desire, you can follow me on Instagram @dooster. I promise none of my photos are particularly worthwhile, and all the color filters are over done. 

4 thoughts on “Instagram My Life!”

  1. I am so torn on this subject. I’m a pretty private person, but I’m an avid user of Instgram. I’m like a hypocrite or something. I get it. I don’t know why I do it….maybe just to brag how cool my life is (which it’s not). LOL I don’t know why I do it.

    Cool video. Awesome flip book of other people’s photos. I especially love the underwater photos.

    OH…btw, I got this post via email. So, your sub box does work! Awesome!

    1. Whooo! Glad you know this post went through – thanks for keeping me updated about it!

      I understand your dilemma, though. I’m also a private person – my Facebook privacy settings are set to max, and I don’t use my actual last name…but, I obviously have no problem blogging and linking to my LinkedIn account from here (for some reason :/ haha). It’s just weird how we’re all becoming so comfortably uncomfortable about sharing ourselves out online.

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