Peynir Gemisi


Although I’m not really that big a fan of the sea – read sea sickness – I do love sea shanty sounding music, however. For precisely that reason I used to find myself listening to The Decemberists or Modest Mouse over and over – those bands just somehow managed to give a sense of adventure. Now, I can add Yolda, who you might remember from their song ‘Sonbahar,’  due to the awesomeness of the song ‘Peynir Gemisi,’ which translates into ‘Cheese Ship.’

Anyway, the entire song is high energy and seemingly silly. I.E. great music for all occasions. The lyrics mean, roughly:

They said: how many people were you, how many people stayed until today?
I told him: We were plenty, three people stayed until the end.
They said:  If you were a young man how many people did you beat so far?
I told him: Three people, we took a lot of beatings until we died
They said: In that case you could not be a man until today
I agreed, until today I confusedly wandered and stopped
But without a storm the waves cannot grow
My cheese boat cannot walk with empty words
The Turkish lyrics are as follows:

Dediler ki, kaç kişiydin, kaç kişi kaldın bugüne kadar?
Dedim ona, çok kişiydik, üç kişi kaldık sonuna kadar.
Dediler ki, delikanlıysan kaç kişi dövdün bugüne kadar?
Dedim ona, üç kişiydi, çok sopa yedik ölene kadar.
Dediler ki, madem öyle adam olamadın bugüne kadar,
Dedim öyle, kafam karışık gezdim durdum bugüne kadar.
Ama fırtına olmadan dalgalar büyümez ki,
Peynir gemim benim boş laflarla yürümez ki.

4 thoughts on “Peynir Gemisi”

  1. It’s one of those songs that you just have to smile at! I have one of those that we play in the car on long journeys; It’s called ‘My Dolabi’ (think it’s Can Haco) and you just have to bounce around when you hear it :-)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately I can’t find it… As soon as I do, though, I’ll let you know how much bouncing I did :)

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