Phonebloks – Phones of Tomorrow


Not long ago I saw a video on Facebook of a revolutionary new concept for phones. Whereas modern smartphones generate an unparalleled amount of waste – due to planned obsolescence, routine wear and tear, the inability to replace or upgrade parts, etc. – this video demonstrated an entirely new way to think about cellular technology. These phonebloks – phones of tomorrow, hopefully – are completely customizable and upgradable. At least in theory.

For those who didn’t watch the video, phonebloks function essentially as a circuit board, onto which you can plug in various ‘bloks,’ each of which is specialized for a task. So, you could plug in any bloks you find important – battery, hard drive, wifi, bluetooth, camera, etc – anything you would want. All of these bloks would be easily accessible, making removal and replacement of an item incredibly easy.

This project has the wonderful opportunity to also thoroughly cut down on overall electrical waste. No longer will people discard an entire phone if their battery dies – you could simply buy a new battery. Unsatisfied with the camera your phone comes with? Simply swap out the camera blok. This project, should it come to fruition, would offer an unparalleled opportunity to have a phone that functions exactly as you would want it to.

What I find most intriguing about this project too is how easily current manufacturers could get behind the project. Ideally there would be no reason why Samsung and Motorola and Phillips, to name a few, couldn’t all battle each other out selling their own iterations of speakers or CPUs. Ideally this type of phone would just offer another market for these companies to sell their goods in.

Of course, this is still just an idea as of right now. If you like the idea of having a more eco-friendly phone, that also directly benefits you, then consider lending your social reach to this project. You can help support this idea, and learn more, by visiting the Phonebloks support site here.

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