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The Best Dive Bar In the World


There is something about dive bars that just seems so friendly and inviting and warm – a sense of camaraderie, almost. As opposed to clubs or more swanky drinking establishments, dive bars – and the people inside them – seem especially honest about their intentions. Most often the people frequenting a dive bar are just looking to relax with friends or forget, however briefly, about whatever weight they have hanging around their shoulders. In short, I love dive bars and I am always on the lookout for a new favorite. This was how, by complete chance, I found the best dive bar in the world with Jen last weekend in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Flood's Beers
Heaven…and just a small sample of it too.

Flood’s Bar is the closest thing I have ever seen to a beer Nirvana in my life. I am in no way a beer afficianado – I’ll leave that to some of my friends who brew their own – but I do consider myself to have at least rudimentary knowledge of beer, as well as always being up to drink or eat something new. Flood’s in no way disappointed, having over 25 beers on tap alongside bottles of beer ranging from your standard hipster staple of Pabst up through Celebrator from Germany, Samuel Smith’s from England, and Baltika from Russia – as well as many others. The best part? The variety is constantly changing as management brings in new microbrews on tap, which they lovingly display on a chalk board over the bar for all patrons to be able to see.

Baltika Beer
In Soviet Russia, beer drinks you!

Oatmeal Stout

Well, actually, wait. Maybe the best part of Flood’s was the ambiance. The crowd was mostly young adult, ranging from college to late 20s; however, there were also a few older people that gave the bar a sort of small maturity. But no, that wasn’t the best part either. Maybe the specials were… $1 lagers on Tuesday happy hours, 25 cent wings on Wednesday nights, and a beer sampler deal on Sundays. I’m kicking myself for missing every single deal right now.

To top off, Flood’s also had great bar food. Not your average, run of the great mill bar food either mind you, but amazing food in general. The wings were slightly crispy and oozing saucey goodness while the nachos were, I don’t know, really nachoey in the way that only nachos can be. What I am trying to say is that I am a glutton and Jen and I gorged ourselves. Any bar where you can order wings, nachos, and the widest selection of domestic and foreign beer – including microbrews – simply has to be the best dive bar in the world. I just don’t know how else to describe Flood’s aside from it being awesome. If you’re ever in the Poconos, go.

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Chicken Wings


7 thoughts on “The Best Dive Bar In the World”

  1. I’m glad to see Baltika #9, which is quintessentially Russian: kind of crude and simple, but high alcohol and good tasting nonetheless. And if you like Sam Smith, I highly recommend their Taddy Porter.

    1. Yeah, I was very happy with it. I didn’t expect Russian beer to be much of anything, but I definitely enjoyed it. I’ll try out the Taddy Porter when I get a chance – the Oatmeal Stout was amazing.

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