Trip-hop: Great or Greatest Genre


I’m a big fan of dreams, and dreaming is definitely one of my favorite past-times. For a long time I used to keep a quasi-dream journal when I was younger, and I still remember some of my most vivid dreams all the way from elementary school – they really stuck with me, even though they had no reason to do so. There is just something about dreaming – it’s ethereal nature, sudden shifts, and the double-edged sword of extreme wish fulfillment and absolute terror – that inspires so much…

Just like this song:

Although not soley trip-hop, although what trip-hop truly is is up to debate anyway, this song captures both what is amazing about dreams and the genre. The sampled computer generated vocals, strong beats, and switching melodies are so beautifully enchanting and mesmerizing, they can only be compared to dreaming; which, as it happens, works out perfectly since Paprika (a must see movie too, by the way) is all about the intersection of waking and dreaming life anyway.

Trip-hop can do more than just function as the soundtrack for a fantastic movie. Whenever I feel contemplative and emotional, but in a way I cannot truly comprehend, I know DJ Shadow fits the mood perfectly. This song, Midnight in a Perfect World, for instance conjures up feelings and emotions I can’t describe. Unlike Afterhours, which makes me just want to fuck and rage, this song’s emotional response is deeper… it just makes me feel human.

I could go on and on, listing songs and how they make me feel and the reasons why trip-hop is my favorite genre even though I listen to it no where nearly as much as I do to other types of music. Really, just like dreaming, or really anything else for that matter, trip-hop is something that needs to be experienced to enjoy. So, I would recommend to everyone to just sit down, share this post with as many people as you know, and enjoy whatever emotions and dreams trip-hop elicits from you.

Also, I’ve realized that up until now there has not been much ‘trip’ in my trip-hop examples. This song will rectify that.

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