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Malatya and Battalgazı

I could go on at length about Malatya, having lived here for close to four months now. At the same time, Malatya can easily be summed up in the description “It might be a nice place to live, but not for a vacation.” To put it another way, Malatya is quiet, relaxing, not too crowded and slightly boring. A relatively new city, around two hundred years old, Malatya boasts a nice cafe street with a canal running through the middle as well as the world’s most confusing mall which the inhabitants of the city are obsessed with. The city is also famous for its apricots and and the friendliness of its people.

Kanal Boyu

Twenty minutes outside of Malatya lies the town of Battalgazı, the original site of Malatya. Due to frequent destructive wars and the changing of hands, this city was torn down and rebuilt multiple times with the majority of the inhabitants instead deciding to live in the newly constructed Malatya – similar to the situation in Harput and Elazığ. Battalgazı is home to a number of historic buildings, however, such as an old Seljuk mosque – Ulu Camii – and a restored caravansarai.

mosque tiles

The province of Malatya is also naturally beautiful, situated in a valley between two mountain chains with numerous dams. The prettiest, possibly, being Sultansuyu Baraji. You can read more about Malatya’s people here, the city here, and Battalgazı here.

Sultansuyu Harası

Getting to Malatya is easiest by plane. The airport is not too far outside the city center, and is connected with twice daily flights to Istanbul and daily flights to Ankara.

If Malatya is a little too quiet for you, then page 8 might be better…

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  1. A wonderful tour of Turkey, and I loved the teasers at the end. Looking forward to hearing about many new adventures in the new year. Happy New Year!

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