Under Pressure


Between falling way behind on my lesson planning and scrambling to catch up, fighting off a bad cold, and – oh God, I was supposed to do this – figuring out what I’m doing with myself once this academic year ends, I think Under Pressure accurately sums up this week. Also, Jen is coming to visit in 2 weeks! I guess that’s giving love another chance? Or something… I need to go to bed.

Also, congrats to my brother and his girlfriend for having a healthy 8 pound baby, little Nicholas! Yay! 

2 thoughts on “Under Pressure”

  1. Um….what to say….well, it could be worst, right? You could be broke and lost. Or like me…getting melted butter inside the speakers of my iPhone. Now I turned my iPhone into a iPod. LOL

    I hope you feel better before Jen comes into town. You don’t want to get her sick or anything like that!

    Congrats on your new nephew. You are going to be the cool Uncle, i can tell.

    1. It could definitely be worse, thanks, Jen! How’d you manage to get melted butter into your speakers? That sounds like quite an accomplishment 😛

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