Welcome To Germany


Today I’m kicking off close to three weeks of traveling to mark the end of my first term teaching English in Malatya, Turkey. For my first stop, I’m heading to Munich to meet up with my mom – from there we will travel to the Black Forest region together and explore Southern¬†Germany for around a week. After this, she’ll head back to America and I’ll continue on my travels… Expect awesome blog posts when I get back at the end of January!

Anyway, since I will be in Germany for the week I felt it only appropriate to post some German music as my Friday refrain. Unfortunately, the only German music I know is Rammstein (and Falco, but I’ll spare you that), from back when they hit it big on MTV in the late 90s – enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Germany”

  1. OH, Munich! I loved Munich. Have a LARGE beer for me. I’ve never toured the Black Forest, that sounds a lot of fun! My favorite place in Germany is Berlin. So much culture. OMG, I’m so jealous. I wished I was there! :)

    Rammstein! I totally remember this on MTV. It takes me back…waaay back.

    1. I made sure to have multiple for you, no worries! I didn’t spend long in Munich, but the Black Forest was great. I definitely recommend it if you ever go back

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